Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ready or Not, Here They Come!

I'm ready, I promise!
At least I better starts tomorrow!
After meeting many of my adorable new students at a really wonderful "Meet the Teacher" on Friday, it was time to get ready for the first day.  Setting up my room was tougher than usual this year, since I moved from a much larger classroom where I taught Transitional Kindergarten last year.  It was an adjustment, but I was able to fit all the spaces in that I wanted in a functional way.  Here are some snapshots of my room:

The front door, student computers, and literacy center rotation charts

The Writing and Art Center.  ALSO where parents will be picking up nametags on the first day of school :).

Our rug and calendar area

 Teeny, tiny classroom library.  Because the space is so small, I will be rotating the books frequently.

Student work area

My excited to be reunited with a document camera!  I don't know how I lived without one last year.

The Home Center and Birthday Board

This is outside our front door.  The red duck tape is to help train the kiddos to stand in a line.  

And of course, the magic play dough is ready to go...with some help from the husband!


Darla Gerharter said...

A great looking class with a phenomenal teacher - Have a great year :)

Jenny Banian said...

Aww thanks Darla, I hope you have a fabulous year! It's been so great running into you all over the place this past week!!!

Christina Swan said...

I absolutely love your room! I saw so many things I must ask you about... Where did you get your matching table bins? What is magic play dough? And your parent name tags are a great idea... what else do you have on your table with the tags? What routine do you follow on the first day?

Miss A's TK said...

That is Fred before the safety gloves!!!! Haha! You guys are great.

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