Thursday, August 1, 2013

Preparing for "Meet the Teacher" FUN

"Meet the Teacher" (or, "Sneak Peak", as it's called at our school) is a chance for the incoming kindergarten kiddos to find out who their new teacher will be, meet their new teacher, and explore their new classroom with their parents by their side.  This relieves some first day anxiety for the students, parents...and teacher, too :).
I've been preparing for my upcoming "Meet the Teacher" event, and wanted to share some of the ways I'm hoping to make it a fun experience for my new crop of kinders.  Our "Meet the Teacher" is an hour long and super informal for the most part.  Parents and students are encouraged to walk around at their leisure to explore, participate in the activities I planned for them, and introduce themselves. I do, however, give a very short 5 minute speech to the parents so they know what to expect on the first day of school.  I also encourage parents to talk to me about any concerns they have. Many families also drop off  their beginning of the school year supplies on this day, too.

Photo Booth and Props:
For the first time this year, I'm having a photo booth for my new students.  I am going to have my classroom camera out and ask parents to please take pictures with my camera in addition to the ones they snap on their phones.  The backdrop (aka the backside of a bookshelf) is where I am going to display classroom pictures as the year progresses.  As for the props...I found the "Hello My Name Is" board in the Target Dollar Spot.  Everything else was crafted with simple materials from Michaels (wooden pieces, black paint, a white paint marker, and a glue gun).  To see how I made my "K" , click on the link: K is for Kindergarten.
I got my inspiration for my photo booth from Mrs. Patton's Patch.  Check out her photo booth and props- so cute!

The Giving Tree:
 Also new this year...parents who would like to donate "wish list" items to our classroom can take an apple.  Each apple is labeled with a different item.  I have fun supplies on the apples like alphabet stickers, watercolor paper, googly eyes, etc.  Parents will be in and out of the classroom a lot during the first weeks of school, so its inside location will be perfect.

Scavenger Hunt and Prizes:
I started doing this a few years ago, and it's always such a hit.  When students enter the classroom they pick up a clipboard and scavenger hunt list.  Their job is to find the following items in their new classroom:  Clifford stuffed animal, calendar, desks, classroom rug, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree, home center, Alphafriends poster, and the bathrooms (which are actually outside our classroom).  At the bottom it says that when they are done, they are to see me for a prize.

Their Prize:
The first picture is of the front label, the second picture is of the back.  Special thanks to my mom for helping me put these together!!  You can find the labels I used on Sliding into First!


Last but not least, I found these super cute nametags at Lakeshore.  They will be at the sign-in table at my "Meet the Teacher".

Does your school have a "Meet the Teacher"?


Live, Laugh, I LOVE Kindergarten said...

I am LOVING your photo booth! I am actually loving ALL of your ideas!

Kimberly Ann
Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

Jenny Banian said...

Thanks so much, Kimberly! So glad you found some ideas you can use!!

:) Jenny

Miss A's TK said...

These are so cute!!!! I wish I had an awesome K teacher like you. The kids are going to have so much fun at sneak peek.

Jenny Banian said...

Thanks, Emily! I can't believe it's next week...ahhh!!!

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